niedziela, 10 listopada 2013

Ich liebe mich.

Everytime I feel like writing something here.. It's either to tell you some funny story or thank you. No funny story for now. Also, I feel like I thanked you enough. I mean, I am saying it constantly. I am singing it constantly. But, then it came to me.
 Well, I am also kind of proud of myself. 
I said it.
 Now,  kill me ! 
Seriously, I discovered that recently .It is such a nice feeling when you are able to say it aloud : I am proud of myself. First, it feels a little bit weird.. but hell yeah. We should be proud of ourselves, things we do need to be noticed, and we need to appreciate ourselves. We are focused on improving our lifestyle, time passing, we are getting crazy.. and we are not even happy. Well, live your life, but do have time to stand afront the mirror and smile to yourself. Then,  run Forest run !
Well, maybe that's nothing.  Maybe I am the only one who is hit by this discovery. That's fine. 
Love myself.
Ich liebe mich. 
amo me stesso.
je m'aime.

something something .. :)

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