czwartek, 28 marca 2013


I have this problem with memories, feelings, smiles and funny situations. Whenever I login and want to write something… I find those fluid living moments gone. I try to recollect my memories, describe them, make them eternal… (if you knew me you would know that I can use a lot of words to answer the simple question: "How are you?")

But now I sit here… and everything is gone. *poff* 

Fun thing is I'm not shy. I can write - with some mistakes ;) - as you already have noticed. It's kind of funny though… that simple spelling mistakes, one too many "g"s somewhere, some random word misspelled can make some people react like crazy. That proves that we are more focused on the ways to SHOW PEOPLE how happy we are rather on indulging in the concept of HAPPINESS itself! We are more focused on posting a photo on Instagram with #TimeWithBestFriends than actually SPENDING that time with them.

Anyway, this starts to sound a little too smartass which wasn't my intention. ;) 
No, what I meant to say was that I've found a way to restore my thoughts and memories! I make short movies that reminds me of those moments. I will share these with you and I would like to hear your thoughts about them.

Wich once again brings me to you! You who have followed me, listened to my music and sent me thousands of comments! This still surprises me (in a good way ;)) and I read them all. Some I read twice. And when I do I still have a hard time taking it all in. You really like my music! This makes me so happy, humble, grateful and it gives me sooo much energy! I'm having some problems finding the right words but… here we go…

I'm seeing my dreams come true. I've always struggled, fought, keeping hope up and when the change suddenly comes it surprises you. Is this real? Is this really happening? Really!? It tastes so damn good you want to share it with the world!

So let me "please" you and let me "entertain" you with my music and videos. Because with all the love I get from you I WILL DOUBLE IT and share it with the world again and again and again! 


Charlotte Rouge Project - I don`t want realism. I want magic

poniedziałek, 11 marca 2013

Visual Diary #1

It's been a year since we put a song together.
 Well, I remember it was cold March.
 I went to Łódź to record my stuff.
 As usual, I was almost late for the train.
I remember this steak I had for dinner before my recording session! 
It's become my tradition - a firm steak before singing! 
 ( the devil is in the meat :) ) LOL
I remember, meeting my producer.
I remember my first thought : FUNNY GUY.
It`s been a year , since we put a song together.
Damn, just a year.