sobota, 20 lipca 2013

czwartek, 18 lipca 2013

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Available in music stores - 30.07.2013. 
Can`t wait!

  fur - Joanna R. Wodzińska / full of style
photoshooting for my EP cover

 cap - John Doe


 shoes -
 My surprise birthday party
 ADI :*
 nails by NAIL & BEAUTY BAR
 hat - full of style
 dress - Bartosz Janusz
 "Thank You Very Much" live at Yagaloo TV. 
 bag -  ANTBAGS
dress - Bartek Janusz
 dress - Bartek Janusz
 long distance can`t break us. Friends time

 I am crazy about this hair dryer. Well, some may say that I am the one who is crazy. Well , they might be right !
 "Wir Sagen Danke " Check this out
 Waiting for  love 

 dress - Staff by Maff

 dress- Kowalski
 dress- H&M
lATO ZET I DÓWJKI performace ! Check this out 
 skirt - CHOMISAWA
Are You scared ?