czwartek, 23 maja 2013

Insta mix

 dress - Jeremy Scott for ADIDAS
shoes - Bubble shoes - check this out. New Polish  Brand  ! This is fu**ing awesome :)

 shoes -

Making music with my dudes ! 

  Radio `Thank You Very Much ` & Stay Performance

Lula interview

Selfie time

Here I Am. Lady M ! Bored of "I-am-so-pretty", making fun of myself. Silly type ! 

pants & vest - charlotte rouge
necklace - by dziubeka

nails as always by NAIL & BEAUTY BAR ! Love this girls. If you are from Warsaw, you need to check this out 


shoes -

This is how we do. We record to 3 microphones. That`s the secret . 

SANTA ! I didn`t mean to hurt U ! 

necklace - by dziubeka

shoes - deashop

dress - choies
You need to check this out ! My favourite online shop with awesome shoes, dresses and GOOD PRIZES !

wtorek, 21 maja 2013

silly silly

Once, a journalist asked me . How do you feel about your image ? Is it 100 % you ,  or do you feel that your label/managers want you to look and behave in certain way?

I boursted out :

Well, yesterday I was dying my hair. And I bought the wrong colour and right now I am grey. FACE PALM ! So, I think I pretty much control my image. Or not at all :)

The same was with this "trim".  I just felt bored in the evening, and Here I Am !
But, don`t worry - it`s just a temporary thing.


pics by Kasia (

Army shirt - Lots of Clothes

wtorek, 7 maja 2013

I`m All I Need

Those days have beeen crazy. Recording at the studio with such  good souls is such a bless.  
A lot of good news, a lot preassure... a lot of LOT OF ! :)
Hope you all are ok ! 

P.S One of my fans wrote : 
" I know you`re hot, and I know you want me !!!! "

This literally made my day ! And : Of course, I do ! :) hahah

skirt -
hat - sh 
pantyhouse - gatta